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Why Become a Member?
  • Take part in unique personal and professional development and networking opportunities

  • Attend behind-the-scenes, local plant and manufacturing facility tours to see the inner-workings of our region’s most established industry

  • Join educational programs & events geared to help with all aspects of business

  • Help develop community outreach events that make a difference within our community

  • Be a part of offering scholarships to local students in the development of STEM professionals in the region

  • WOTM's Educational Expense Reimbursement Program is strictly a members-only benefit which encourages its "active" members (in good standing) to better themselves and further develop their education, skills, and abilities in relation to the manufacturing industry. "Subject to the Terms and Conditions"

WOTM Committees

The various committees within WOTM help plan and execute community events, develop the scholarship program, and increase and retain membership while helping further our mission.


The following are the committees available for members to be a part of:

  • Career Pathways Committee

  • Educational Programming Committee

  • Scholarship Committee

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